Kōmaru is a Maori expression meaning ‘strong wind in sails’. It sums up the important things about our organisation – the ideas of using positive energy and of moving forwards.

Our business was founded in 2010 and exists to encourage and help anyone, from any walk of life, share our passion for the outdoors. Our experienced team is here to help people build their knowledge and experience, to learn new skills, and most of all to have fun.


We teach bushcraft and survival skills, and outdoor pursuits – and introduce individuals and groups to new experiences and environments, ranging from fire lighting and shelter building to a walk in the woods.

Kōmaru is based on equality and accessibility. We don’t like the idea that some people never get to enjoy the great outdoors because of barriers created by money, disadvantage or disability, so we do our best to make our outdoor activities open to as many individuals as possible.

canoe_940x575We also provide water-based activities, and deliver practical courses in important subjects like marine radio and first aid, which give people the skills they need to take up activities themselves.

We always aim to operate as an ethical business, with a commitment to the environment and to positive social change.

Our motto is explore, dream, discover – we help people imagine they can do new things, believe in themselves and achieve more!