Nick Lynch

Nick Lynch

Kōmaru is run by Nick Lynch, an outdoor pursuits and sailing instructor with over 20 years’ experience. Before setting up the business, Nick ran a watersports centre that operated as a community-based social enterprise. His started his career in the British Army and later worked as a climbing and watersports instructor at an outdoor pursuits centre in North Wales.

Nick is a qualified master coach and an operational member of his local Mountain Rescue Team.

As well as a small core team, Kōmaru has a number of specialist partners who provide added skills in areas like mountaineering and team building, and provide a diverse range of venues for activity.

Our instructors are friendly and professional and are dedicated to providing an environment where our customers can learn, grow and expand their horizons.

And not forgetting Mr Bounce…

Mr BounceMr Bounce is an honorary team member – wherever Kōmaru goes, Mr Bounce tends to go too. He joined us in November 2010 when he was just eight weeks old. His special skills are running away with sticks collected for the fire and stealing marshmallows.